Warrington Foodbank – Fundraising for a Chiller Van…

15th April 2024

Warrington Foodbank has recently opened 2 affordable food projects in Warrington, with the aim of helping people pre and post crisis.

Our aim is to offer people access to affordable food, whilst also embedding additional wrap around services which customers can access (e.g. a CAB advisor, health and well being support, cooking courses, money management courses etc). Additionally, the Foodbank is working with local housing providers who have offered support to run certified courses, which could help people either improve their existing job options or provide another avenue of work, i.e. first aid , beauty therapy, forklift truck driving etc.

Whilst the projects are open we are also looking to help revive and regenerate the local community by helping groups create offerings for themselves, including community meals, children’s clubs etc.

Aside from providing access to affordable food, the hope is that the projects could result in improved employment opportunities, maximising financial inclusion, reducing loneliness and isolation, improving mental health etc.

All of the above relies on Warrington Foodbank being able to offer a good choice of affordable food and we want to ensure that we can provide access to affordable meat, milk and other chilled and frozen products.

In order to do this we need to be able to transport chilled and frozen goods from suppliers to our warehouse and from our warehouse to the food projects and other groups within the Warrington Food Network.

With your support we are hoping to purchase a chiller van which will mean we can source and transport food from a bigger area logistically which will ultimately offer the projects customers more choice, dignity and hope.

In short, by providing access to a wider range of affordable food we are creating a location which individuals and families will want to visit. Whilst they are there, they will then be able to access all of the additional wrap around support we can embed and empower the community to create offerings of their own.

To show your support, visit: Funding for a chiller van for Warrington Foodbank – a Charities crowdfunding project in Warrington by Treasurer (

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