A Big Thank you to Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School

11th December 2023

We recently welcomed the School Council and teachers from Grappenhall Heys Community Primary School to Warrington Foodbank, to learn about what happens at our Foodbank.

Ranging from Year 1 to Year 6, the children ‘buddied’ up to help date label food that had been donated, then put them on the shelves in our warehouse.

We also showed the group what happens when guests visit our Foodbank, where the children helped to make up food parcels. Lots of insightful questions were asked by our visitors, about who comes to the Foodbank and how the current economic situation is impacting donations and the number of people needing help.

Armed with this first-hand experience and knowledge the children returned to their school to prepare an assembly for the school community, to help launch their monthly ‘Foodbank Friday’ scheme, where the pupils are encouraged to bring in food items once a month (on a Friday), to help collect donations for Warrington Foodbank.

A big thank you to all at Grappenhall Heys for their ongoing support.

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